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Duncan McClean

Moniaive Railway Station

Moniaive, Dumfries

Moniaive Railway Station
Moniaive Railway Station
Moniaive Railway Station

The train station of Moniaive, first opened in 1905 and closed in 1949. It believed that Moniaive was one of the last places in Scotland to be connected via rail. It was a terminus for the Cairn Valley line.

Even though the station closed in 1949, the rails were only lifted in 1953.
There is a book on Amazon with information. The Cairn Valley Light Railway

When it was open

Fortunately, there are a few photos of Moniaive Station at it's prime. They can be found in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow.
The above photos have been downloaded from railscot.co.uk. They were taken by GH Robin.

Station Building

The station building is the only remaining part of Moniaive Train Station. The building is listed as high risk. However, it is not listed.
Another photo of the station is on geograph.org.uk. There are also various pictures at theportroad.co.uk.

World War

During World War 2, large numbers of Norwegian troops travelled to and from Moniaive and they camped nearby.