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Duncan McClean

Buchanan Street Railway Station

Glasgow, Scotland

Buchanan Street Railway Station

Buchanan Street Railway Station was the least known of the city's terminus railway stations. The station was north west of Queen Street station and served the north of Scotland, serving areas like Aberdeen, Perth and Stirling.

When the station was built in 1849 by the Caledonian Railway Company, the original station building was constructed of temporary wooden structures. This building lasted until the 1930s.

The station was marked for closure by the Bruce Report, which was about how to redevelop the City of Glasgow after the second world war. A similar sceme was created to replace Glasgow Central Station and St Enochs. Those plans never actually happened.

The site of the station building is now shared by the Glasgow Caledonian University and a building called Buchanan House. There is a bar called 'The Station Bar' which still exists and is near to the site.