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For some reason I ❤️ writing tests

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This week I've caught a bit of a cold. Blocked nose, little bit of a soar thought. But look to the bright side, it's snowing.

This week I did some more work for the new BiblioSpot Web App I'm working on. Moved a lot of the stuff over to Vuex so we can share data between components instead of having to emit events from a child to the parent then it passing it through to another child.

I also worked on our church's Craft site implementing the Calendar addon by Solspace. One anoyying this is that the addon stores its routes in the `project.yaml` file which needs to be kept in sync from production into Git so that's a bit confusing. Would be easier if they put it in the database or in the routes file.

Another annoying thing I can't figure out is how to setup Heroku so that when you deploy the app, it compiles your npm assets. It would work fine if it was a Node app, but it's a Laravel app with NPM for the front-end. Spent an hour this week trying to figure that out.

This week I build my first Composer package which just generates random items from a list. Basiclly, I want to get a random version of the Bible that I can use in my Laravel factories and tests so that's what I wrote. I install was going to hook it into Faker but I ended up building it separately as it worked out to be easier.

This morning (Saturday), I improved the overall test coverage for the BiblioSpot backend as we're soon to be going the direction of having an API backend and if it breaks, all of our apps will come crumbling down so I need to make sure that's pretty solid. 

That's all I've done this week, nothing more interesting.