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First Week of the Year (2019)

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This Week has been the first week of a the new Year! Wahoo! It's the last day of Christmas holidays today. 

I've decided to start writing a journal like Adam Wathan and Ben Furfie. I have tried to write a journal in a markdown file on GitHub in the last month or so but I don't feel like I've been committed to doing it. Having it on my website, in Statamic, and writing up weekly journals instead of daily journals should hopefully help me.

So I'm going to get started, this time last week, I updated my gravatar npm package to use Javascript's built-in hashing function instead of some third party service I found.

I've just started writing a static site generator in PHP because why not? It's called Thunderbird. The only issue I'm having at the moment is with trying to implement Laravel Blade as a templating language but it dosen't want to work. Feel free to PR it with a big fix :)

This Week I've also been writing a Voice skill for my church using the Jovo framework, which allows me to write skills for Alexa and Google Assistant at the same time with the same codebase which is really cool. I had quite a bit of trouble getting the audio player to work, but after a few days, the creator of Jovo, managed to figure out that actually there was an option that needed enabled within the Alexa developer console.

During Hacktoberfest in October, I made a project called Hacktoberfest Finder to help people find open-source projects to contribute to. I found it fun being a maintainer of a project. At one point I had like 5 PRs coming in at once. On Friday, I decided to tidy up the project and do some npm updates just so the project is ready for later this year.

I'm currently planning on moving BiblioSpot, my sermon notes app to a Vue frontend, instead of having it on the side of the Laravel app. Part of that move is re-writing every action to the backend as REST API endpoints. Yesterday, I took a few hours to rewrite authentication as API endpoints. I managed to get most of it done, but I left out two-factor authentication and email activation. I'll try and get those done some time next week.

Apart from that, I've not really done much else this week. I likely won't get this much done next week as school start back again.