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Finally fixed the blade bug

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Unfortunately, this week was the first week back after the Christmas break. Sad times I know 😆

It wasn't all bad I managed to get quite a lot done.

Statamic addon

This week I started write a Statamic addon which I hope to make public by the end of this month. The addon will allow you to control your Buffer from your Statamic Control Panel. I'm taking advantage of Statamic's Custom Publish Forms to make the forms look normal but actually interact with the Buffer API instead of with the Statamic flat-file DB.

I've only really got the create and edit forms to do until I'm pretty much done. One roadblock at the moment is the lack of a proper JSON API on Buffer's side. The API returns JSON in it's response, however you can't send a JSON body to it which is really annoying. I hope to figure that out this week.

I hope to make the addon paid and put it on the Statamic Marketplace for others to purchase.

My bins site

Last night I did a bit of work on my bin collections site for my local area. I gave it a bit of a redesign and a logo (who doesn't love a gradient)?

If you're interested in the inner-workings of the app, you can read about it here.

Some weird blade bug

A few months back I started writing a static site generator on PHP. I decided to implement Laravel's blade templating language. To do so I brought in this package. However, because of the way I wrote the compiler (a foreach loop of all of the markdown files in a folder) for each of the pages, the blade package only used the content of the first page on all of the other pages. I managed to figure out how to fix it at about 10pm the other evening. It turns out I needed to delete the cache it creates and then re-create after each time in the foreach loop. It was quite an annoying bug, so glad it's fixed.

Apart from that I've not done much interesting this past week.