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So this week.... I borked my dev enviroment

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Hey, it's another Sunday, another journal entry. 

I'm really enjoying writing these journal entries, it helps me think about what I've done in the past week and what I need to do in the following week.

I had a fun time this week where I was trying to get SQLite working locally for database testing within Laravel. However, I uninstalled it from brew and re-installed it and it came up with the same error. I saw there was some other `brewline` dependency that was broke so I tried reinstalling that. 

I failed in the process, apparently PHP, Python and every other language I use makes use of that library. I gave up trying to find a solution so I reset my Mac and upgraded to MacOS Mojave (mo-hav-ay). So far I'm loving the dark mode. It's really great in Sketch. 

That was my entire Monday, reformatting my Mac. Luckily I had a setup script which installs eveything I need (Apps, VS Code extensions the whole lot). It's so helpful. Without that I would still be configuring my computer.

This week I updated my Statamic Buffer addon so that you can see Sent Updates and added the ability to 'Share Now' straight from the Pending Messages screen.

Apart from that, the rest of my week has been me revamping BiblioSpot, I can't really say anymore than that. When we launch (whenever that will be), it'll be a massive improvement on what we have right now.