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I've been quite productive

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It's been a week and a half since I last posted to my journal, I half a week late but oh well.

This week I have been off school for Monday, Tuesday and today (Wednesday). I've managed to get a lot of stuff done in the past few days while I have been off school.

Here's some of the stuff that I got up to last week:

  • Updated my Buffer addon - added widgets and did some refactoring
  • Built a web scraper for HotUKDeals because their API is non existent
  • Made some small design changes to this site, fonts are less messed up and there is more space between things
  • Wrote a Huawei P20 Lite review for Iamlittle - seems to be gaining lots of traction after I added it to Reddit
  • Converted a WordPress site I manage (thankfully the only WP site I manage) to using WordPlate so everything's a composer dependency under the hood.

On Monday of this week I built a Dropbox importer for BiblioSpot, so if you use Dropbox Paper for your sermon notes you can easily import all of your documents into BiblioSpot. It works, only I need to figure out a way to get the right sort of token for the user without them needing to create their own Dropbox app and all the faff.

Yesterday, I rebuild Search on BiblioSpot on Algolia. Hopefully now when you search for something it will actually come up. It's also ultra fast too which is nice.

I've been quite productive

I also built an Alexa skill for BiblioSpot, I managed to get it to read books of the bible. One thing I don't understand is how to setup oAuth in Laravel Passport so I can get account linking setup. 

This morning, I implemented a new WYSIWYG editor for our new BiblioSpot Web App, literally took about five minutes with no configuration and it was implemented. I ended up using this package.

And I've also redesigned the authentication screens on the new Web App.

That's about all I've done so far!