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Decided I should start writing a weekly journal.

Another week

This week I spent alot of my time writing a Statamic addon which allows you to manage your entire Buffer social media workflow from your Statamic control panel. I managed to get a working version out the other night, you can try it out (or even

Finally fixed the blade bug

Unfortunately, this week was the first week back after the Christmas break. Sad times I know 😆It wasn't all bad I managed to get quite a lot done.Statamic addonThis week I started write a Statamic addon which I hope to make

First Week of the Year (2019)

This Week has been the first week of a the new Year! Wahoo! It's the last day of Christmas holidays today. I've decided to start writing a journal like Adam Wathan and

For some reason I ❤️ writing tests

This week I've caught a bit of a cold. Blocked nose, little bit of a soar thought. But look to the bright side, it's snowing.This week I did some more work for the new BiblioSpot Web App I'm working on. Moved a lot of the stuff over to Vuex

I've been quite productive

It's been a week and a half since I last posted to my journal, I half a week late but oh well.This week I have been off school for Monday, Tuesday and today (Wednesday). I've managed to get a lot of stuff done in the past few days while I

So this week.... I borked my dev enviroment

Hey, it's another Sunday, another journal entry. I'm really enjoying writing these journal entries, it helps me think about what I've done in the past week and what I need to do in the following week.I had a fun time this week