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Why I don't use the Windows Store

Posted on August 5th, 2016.

Today, I was trying to download an app to my account through the Windows Store.

There were a few issues that I faced while attempting this: - When I tried to download the app, it wanted to download all of the other apparently more important apps like Windows Calculator and Get Office (even though I have Office 365 installed).

These things to Microsoft seem more important. Apparently, they wish that the core apps are to be installed first. Which really discourages me from even touching the Windows Store again. I don't see how MS are going to get customers on the Windows Store if this is how it goes.

When it had downloaded all of the other more important apps. It then failed actually installing the app I wanted to use. Multiple times, did so.

For that reason, I am staying away from the Windows Store until this gets fixed and I can be proved that it is fixed by Microsoft themselves.