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My Current Setup - October 2018

My Current Setup - October 2018

Posted on October 30th, 2018.

A few people in the laravel community have recently shared how they work. I thought it would be interesting to share my own process.



Earlier this year, I switched away from Windows to a Mac, which overall has been a great experience. Everything works much better than it does in Windows. I chose the Mac Mini from 2014 because it was all I could really afford at the time.


I'm using an LG 21.5" HD monitor. I've had it a few years and it's served me good. If I was to buy a monitor or TV in the future it would always be LG because their displays have always lasted and worked really well.

Keyboard and Mouse

I'm currently using the IWANTIT Bluetooth Mac Keyboard for typing and a Wireless Logitech trackpad for mousing.


I often listen to music while I'm working. I use the Logitech Z150 Speakers. I've had them for nearly two years and they've lasted well.



I'm still using MacOS High Sierra and I haven't bothered to upgrade because I don't really want things to break.

Text Editor

Within the last two months, I've switched away from using Atom to VS Code and so far I am enjoying the experience.

I also use Sublime Text so that I don't have multiple VS Code windows open at the same time. In Sublime, I use a Material theme.


I use iTerm 2, with no special customisations. However, I have lots of alias commands like please to run Statamic's php please command or start to start-up my Homestead box.

Local Environment

I use Laravel Homestead and Laravel Valet. I mainly use Homestead for big projects and also for my WordPress sites. I use Valet for Statamic sites and some of my Laravel projects. However, I usually always have my Homestead box on because I need to use a database for my Laravel sites and my local MySQL install is messed up.


I've always used FileZilla and even when I moved to Mac I've stuck with it. I don't really use FTP much anymore but it's always handy to have an FTP client.

Database Viewer

Like many others, I use Sequel Pro to manage my databases. I find it so much better and easier to use than phpMyAdmin, which I used when I was on Windows.


I use WhatsApp, Discord and Slack to keep in touch. I use WhatsApp for family and close friends. Disord for programming communities and Slack for notifications of stuff. I have the Slack and WhatsApp clients for my Mac but I've not bothered to download the Discord app for my Mac yet so I'm just using the web version.


Up until a few days ago, I was using the default Mail app on my Mac but right now I'm giving Mailspring a try. Seems good for being free but I wouldn't really pay for it.


I use Sketch for designing things. I chose Sketch because it's a yearly cost (if you want updates) and I got a half-price educational discount through my school.

Other Apps