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Duncan McClean

Login Screens all look the same

January 27th, 2019

Has everyone ever realised that all login screens look pretty much the exact same?

I mean just look at these two I found on Dribbble.

Login Screens all look the same

This first one has half the screen with a background image with text and the other half the actual login form.

Login Screens all look the same

And this second one, on the left there's the login form and the right there's some text and a background image.

Both of the examples had half the screen a login form and the other half a background image and some text.

I've went through Dribbble and created a bucket of a few login screens by different designers and they all look the same.

I don't mean to diss any of the designers behind these screens, I'm just pointing out that everyone's login screens are the same.