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My Development Workflow - As of March 2018

Posted on March 14th, 2018.

As you'll know if you have been reading my recent articles, I've got a Mac and moved all of my web development over to that. In this article I will go over my web development setup as of March 2018.

Text Editor

I use Atom as my text editor. It's made by the guys at GitHub and preforms really well on both Windows and on MacOS.

Before I started using Atom, I was using Sublime Text which also worked well. Both of which are free 😀.

Git Hosting

Currently I am using GitHub to host my Git repositories. I store both public and private repositories on there.

I used to use Bitbucket. Even thought Bitbucket is also good, I'm only using GitHub right now because I'm a student (and students get free stuff).

Content Management Systems

For years I have been using WordPress on my sites which has worked fine but can be quite bloated when you want to customize it.

I've started using Jekyll and Statamic. In fact, I'm actually using Statamic to power this blog. Cool stuff right :)


I use sass on all my projects to keep my styles clean and organised.

To compile SCSS to CSS, I use Scout which I have been using for a few months.

However, I'm looking into yarn and possibly using yarn for that sort of stuff instead.

Local Host

I have two different local hosts for different types of projects.

Laravel Homestead

Homestead is a vagrant VM created by the Laravel folks that runs everything in a VM so that you don't need to install everything on your local machine.

I tend to use Laravel Homestead for projects where I need a MySQL database like WirdPress sites.

It's really simple to get installed, however if you're on Windows, I've written a tutorial on how to install it.

Laravel Valet

Laravel Valet is a local web server that serves anything in a certain folder.

For example if you have Valet parked in the /sites directory and you create a folder called /sites/howdy, then Valet will setup howdy.test to point to that new directory.

Valet is so cool, and it bearly has any setup.

There is one downside to Valet though, it doesn't come with MySQL. (Also, it's not available on Windows)

Git locally

On my Windows machine. I was using a mixture of SourceTree and GitKraken. When I moved over to my Mac, I've setup GitHub Desktop.

However, science I've moved to Mac I've started to use the terminal alot more. One of the things I've learned to do is do a git commit and a git push. I'm mostly doing everything from the terminal now.


I'm still using DeployHQ to deploy my projects to production. I've not really bothered to change it or look into anything different.

That's pretty much everything. I think of anything else, I'll add it in later.