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I moved to the darkside

I moved to the darkside

Posted on March 11th, 2018.

About three weeks ago, I (with the help of my parents) bought a Mac Mini to help me with web design and development.

It's always been my dream to move away from the Windows ecosystem to the Apple ecosystem. It all starts with me buying a Mac. Next, I'll be wanting a MacBook, then an iPhone, then an iPad then an Apple TV, the list goes on.

Why a Mac

If you look at most web developers or graphic designers, they use Mac's as their primary computer.

Primarily, that's because that's where software like Sketch and Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop work best.

The great thing about Mac's is that they run with Linux behind the scenes which is great if you are managing Linux servers. All the commands you can perform on Linux you can also perform on Mac.

Another reason I got a Mac was that I need to use Sketch, which is a price of design software for designing apps and websites. Sure I could run a VM of MacOS on my Windows computer and just use it for sketch but that would end up being quite a labor intensive for my Windows PC.

My first impressions

The Mac is really nice and feels really premium just like any Apple product. I have a review on Iamlittle if you want to read it.

I skipped most of the setup process by using a bash script so I didn't have to install and configure everything manually.

Comparing my Mac to my Windows computer, I can tell a huge difference. "Everything just works" - On Windows, to use Linux commands I would have to install Git bash on my machine or install Ubuntu Sub-system wizardry. Whereas, on a Mac, everything works out of the box.

I think purchasing a Mac has been a good decision. Money well spent.

Also, did I mention that we got the Mac off eBay for 344 quid? Really good deal. Especially for the middle specced model.