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About Me


I'm Duncan, I'm a teenager, I'm in school and I like to make websites.

I've always loved working with computers and in the last few years I have turned that into a hobby and a career route.

The first big website I made was for my mum and her little crafts business. Unfortunately, the site's not online anymore but I was proud of it when I made it, I was like 9 at the time.

Since then I've made sites for Tynron Glen, St Catharine's and St Mary's, CoderDojo Bridgeton and many others (that I've forgotten).

I run Iamlittle Tech Blog in my spare time and I mostly spend my time working on BiblioSpot, a sermon notes app I built using Laravel, PHP, Vue and the full stack.

I also contribute to open-source quite a bit, even if it's just fixing spelling mistakes. I maintain a few different open-source packages, but my main one at the moment is Thunderbird, a static-site-generator built on PHP.

As you can tell, pretty much my whole waking life is dedicated to making websites. I do have other interests, like the history of train stations.

Apart from that, there's nothing much else to say about myself.